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Luxury living

Just chillin on my custom chaise dad built.View full post »

Pass a fire

Well, it took her 27 months but she finally figured out how to use a pacifier. I guess her baby doll must have taughtView full post »

Man or Snowman

Award for Father of the Year?  Dad carries boulders of snow from the roof onto our balcony, in order to make a snowmanView full post »

Morning Shadow

In the morning, there is about 5-10 minutes where the sun hits the building across the street and it bounces off like aView full post »

Original sunshine bear

I found sunshine bear at my mom’s house. Despite the similar name I do believe he came well before Care Bears everView full post »

Billboard Lullabye

Lucy likes it when I sing her to sleep.  Too bad I don’t really know any lullabies.  I know the mockingbird songView full post »

Christmas Recap

So many Christmas activities, and visits to Daba’s and Grammy’s and cousins galore…I can barely keepView full post »

Stay bravely green in wintertime… Forever true your colour

This year we went with the unpopular pine tree, in a vibrant GREEN!  We like it.  Lucy had blast running through theView full post »

2 Years

Birthday, birthday!  Who’s gotta birthday?!  THIS ONE! This is what Two looks like, lest she forget later: ThisView full post »

Halloween 2012

I can sum up our entire Halloween Holiday in one sentence: We went up on the roof and took a couple pictures. The End.View full post »

23 Months

A big day playing at Chase Park with mom, dad, and many new friends.View full post »

22 Months

Now here is a kid who is going to love to go to school someday. All I had to do was say, “Do you want to go toView full post »

21 Months

Two of her favorite things:  Daddy and Milkshakes.  Taken at Pekadills Ice Cream shop in Whitehall, Michigan.  PhotoView full post »