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The Clap

Visiting Grammy, there is a whole mish-mash of toys scattered around.  Some retro oldies that belonged to me, mostlyView full post »

Crusty, Greenie, or Sticky?

We got to take Lucy to her first rock show today, a Ramones-inspired kiddie band called the Boogers.  I found myselfView full post »


Turns out Lucy had Roseola, which I had never heard of before but apparently it is super common and every baby andView full post »


Last night was the worst night to date, and I think that’s saying a lot. The baby was simply inconsolable, in a wayView full post »

Document it

For the last year, I haven’t printed any photos.  And I have before me, Lucy’s “1st year” photoView full post »

Milk Duds

This photo here is of wooly inserts that snap into a pair of Crocs. I believe the wooly model is called “Mammoths”.View full post »

My Fave-Ritt Thing

Dress up, dress down, COSTUMES, alter egos, disguise, and Hall-o-ween.  LOVE. When I had more time, I would findView full post »

This mom gets a gold star. Aleady? *blush*

There is a funny blog called STFU Parents, where they poke fun at parents who overshare on Bookfarce, like with photosView full post »