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17 Months

Her face is changing shape.  She is starting to look different to me. Pete says it might be because she finally hasView full post »


Just chillin’ with my musical theater.  Reclining in a suitcase, ya know.  Mouth breathin’, inadvertentView full post »

Hysterical Accuracy

As promised, I’m going to keep posting every photo of myself and my Boo, as they happen.  Because there are soView full post »

Lurv & Snuggles

Rare photo of Booboo and mama.  Love.View full post »

First Photo

Lucy takes her first photo.  Looking through the viewfinder and pushing the button.  Keeping it old school andView full post »

Caps for Sale

A very clever gift from Pete for our 2nd wedding anniversary, which is traditionally a gift of “cotton”: aView full post »