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Mom shoots toddler

I love pictures of pictures. Us walking home from the Firehouse with our milk shakes. Another view:View full post »


Happy birthday to me. Another crazy day of cleaning and packing, preparing for the start of our new chapter of life! View full post »

If you can’t adopt…

If you can’t adopt… via Foster Youth  View full post »

0/2 Good Hospital Experience

Every parent’s worst nightmare. Monday morning Lucy woke up vomiting and then had diarrhea.  It went on for overView full post »

Puke City

It seems like cruel and unusual punishment, for both this kid and for us. It was just 8 days ago that she was vomitingView full post »

Man or Snowman

Award for Father of the Year?  Dad carries boulders of snow from the roof onto our balcony, in order to make a snowmanView full post »

Billboard Lullabye

Lucy likes it when I sing her to sleep.  Too bad I don’t really know any lullabies.  I know the mockingbird songView full post »

Halloween 2012

I can sum up our entire Halloween Holiday in one sentence: We went up on the roof and took a couple pictures. The End.View full post »

Mom and Daughter

More updates on photos of baby and mom.  I’ve been making a real concerted effort to include parents, family andView full post »

Mother’s Day

Excellent Mother’s Day! Spent with my favorite people, doing my favorite things.  Family bike ride!  We went upView full post »

Dirty Gene Pool

Lucy covered in dirt, after making piles of dirt at the playground and throwing dirt into the wind for an hour.  AndView full post »


We got a little detail added to our bikes:  names of our favorite people.  I chose Lucy, and Pete chose his dad. HandView full post »

Hysterical Accuracy

As promised, I’m going to keep posting every photo of myself and my Boo, as they happen.  Because there are soView full post »

Lurv & Snuggles

Rare photo of Booboo and mama.  Love.View full post »

First Photo

Lucy takes her first photo.  Looking through the viewfinder and pushing the button.  Keeping it old school andView full post »

Caps for Sale

A very clever gift from Pete for our 2nd wedding anniversary, which is traditionally a gift of “cotton”: aView full post »

Who’s Who

1976–>2011.  Two months, two months.View full post »

A Very Nice Thought

Waking up on Valentine’s Day to this on the balcony.  Snow is the perfect romance  maker.View full post »