0/2 Good Hospital Experience

Every parent’s worst nightmare. Monday morning Lucy woke up vomiting and then had diarrhea.  It went on for over 24 hours and I couldn’t keep even water in her and she was becoming very lethargic and I thought she might need IV fluids.  She also had a high temp, 100 in the armpit.  Our doctor said since she only had 2 wet diapers in a day that she is not getting enough fluids in her and to take her to the ER.  We went to St. Francis Hospital, and they gave her an IV with anti-nausea and saline and tylenol.  Of course they had trouble finding her tiny veins.  We had to wrap her like a burrito and restrain her, it was all very traumatic.  I had to fight with the doctors for hours over a catheter.  I am afraid she will need therapy after the experience!

Overall she was very brave and good.  Cried with the needles but didn’t throw a fit or anything.  I made sure we brought all of her comfort things from home so we had baby doll, blankie, and a dvd player with Wizard of Oz. We were there for about 6 hours.

She slept from midnight to 6am.  She is still very weak but eating popsicles and keeping them down.  She now has this nasty diarrhea that is nothing more than bile/ stomach acid and it is burning her bottom.  Feel so sorry for her, I had the same thing back on 2005 and thought I was gonna die.

They said most likely she has Rotavirus or a similar stomach virus, but they don’t bother testing for it.  She probably got it from the Easter Egg hunt Saturday, where there were a thousand children touching each other and sitting on the Easter Bunny. Dirty kids!


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