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Mom shoots toddler

I love pictures of pictures. Us walking home from the Firehouse with our milk shakes. Another view:View full post »

Christmas Recap

So many Christmas activities, and visits to Daba’s and Grammy’s and cousins galore…I can barely keepView full post »

Stay bravely green in wintertime… Forever true your colour

This year we went with the unpopular pine tree, in a vibrant GREEN!  We like it.  Lucy had blast running through theView full post »

Mom and Daughter

More updates on photos of baby and mom.  I’ve been making a real concerted effort to include parents, family andView full post »

Lucille’s Maiden Voyage

It sure is handy having a spouse who’s a bike mechanic. Pete got “Lucille” built up today and we tookView full post »

Mother’s Day

Excellent Mother’s Day! Spent with my favorite people, doing my favorite things.  Family bike ride!  We went upView full post »

Dirty Gene Pool

Lucy covered in dirt, after making piles of dirt at the playground and throwing dirt into the wind for an hour.  AndView full post »

Hysterical Accuracy

As promised, I’m going to keep posting every photo of myself and my Boo, as they happen.  Because there are soView full post »

Lurv & Snuggles

Rare photo of Booboo and mama.  Love.View full post »

First Photo

Lucy takes her first photo.  Looking through the viewfinder and pushing the button.  Keeping it old school andView full post »

Clear with a Chance of Warm

An 80 degree day in March, at Montrose Beach and Pier.  Unbelievable.  Sunscreen for all, walking barefoot in the sandView full post »

Who’s Afraid of Virgin Snow?

Went to Cricket Hill today at Montrose to go sledding. Lucy was in excellent spirits, right up until we put on theView full post »


The second roll of fisheye developed.  Still nothing to write home about, but at least there were 19 on this roll,View full post »

Hi 2012

I will never make it to midnight.  Our NYE celebration consisted of going to the Zoo Lights until the bb started cryingView full post »

Christmas Eve

A Christmas recap, done way after the fact because the holiday turned into barf fest reminiscent of the pie eatingView full post »

Mom & babe

Starting a collection of portraits with her. From Pete’s phone.  Huggy wuggy at the bar in Big Chick’s/View full post »


It’s something I’d like to do with her a lot, but… she always gets distracted.View full post »