I’ve lived in Chicago since 1997. I did corporate design gigs for 10 years and now mainly do freelance work. My photography goes back to 1990 and is generally a personal, and not professional, endeavor.  I’m attracted to color, texture, and the human imprint left behind on places and things.

My photography has been featured in:
Chicago Reader
Chicago Magazine
Gapers Block
WBEZ – Chicago Public Radio

I studied Photography, Film and Digital Media at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a minor in Women’s Studies.

I’m passionate about documentary photography, creating 3D objects, product design,  book binding and design, and paper and fabric ephemera.

Some of my technical expertise:
Digital cameras and Photoshop: since 1996
Film photography: black and white, color, 35mm, medium format, 120 + 220, Polaroid
Dark room: roll film developing, printing, numerous darkroom techniques
Movie film: Super 8mm and 16mm
Adobe CS, Web design, MS Office, Mac & PC fluent