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Lucy’s First Photography Art

Ok, so this is rather silly.  I am attaching photos that Lucy took with my camera.  A baby’s photos.  Of courseView full post »

Afflicted by SBS

There is a terrible genetic disease that runs in my family.  I am a carrier and I passed it on to my daughter.  It&#View full post »

First Photo

Lucy takes her first photo.  Looking through the viewfinder and pushing the button.  Keeping it old school andView full post »

Who’s Who

1976–>2011.  Two months, two months.View full post »


The second roll of fisheye developed.  Still nothing to write home about, but at least there were 19 on this roll,View full post »

Halo Moon

Big moon, reflected in the glass to make two.View full post »

Hi 2012

I will never make it to midnight.  Our NYE celebration consisted of going to the Zoo Lights until the bb started cryingView full post »

Two cows

How do you fit two cows in a purse? I have been taught.View full post »

Document it

For the last year, I haven’t printed any photos.  And I have before me, Lucy’s “1st year” photoView full post »

So Tannenbaum

Just like Three Men and a Baby – there’s a ghost behind the curtain!  Wearing monkey pajama pants.View full post »


I had big plans for photos on 11-11-11.  Plans for 11:11am and pm.  Ideas. Documentation.  The a.m. came and went,View full post »

My Fave-Ritt Thing

Dress up, dress down, COSTUMES, alter egos, disguise, and Hall-o-ween.  LOVE. When I had more time, I would findView full post »


So there is this made up company/ photographic technique called Lomography, which is basically marketing genius and aView full post »