So there is this made up company/ photographic technique called Lomography, which is basically marketing genius and a manufactured brand that appears to be vintage but is actually new. I did not research the company before I bought a Groupon for their products, and then it was too late.  They sell really cheap quality plastic cameras for a lot of money, all under the guise that they are some throwback Russian cameras from the 1960s, like Holga and Diana.  They are really nothing more than those disposable film cameras dressed up in a cute, colorful plastic shell.  Nonetheless!  I had a paid Groupon, so after scouring for MORE online coupons I landed a $100 dollar plastic fisheye 35mm camera for $23 with shipping. And it was not worth a penny more than that! Here is a photo of the camera (borrowed by someone on Flickr):


I shot a roll of 36 pro 35mm film and when I got it developed, I was only given about 10 photos and told the rest did not come out.  I looked at the negatives and did see some partial images but couldn’t pinpoint what went wrong exactly.  And unfortunately, besides the photos that DID come out, I could not recall what else I photographed!  Total brain fry. So I couldn’t even try to determine lighting conditions or anything.  Guess I will have to try a whole new roll and take my chances that isn’t a total waste also.  Good news: several Lucy 11 month birthday photos did come out, as well as my maternity session of Sara.  Thank goodness, because those were important.  On the other hand. The pictures are nothing to write home about.  What was I saying earlier? Something about the quality of disposable film cameras?  I rest my case:


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