Monthly Archives: December 2011

Hi 2012

I will never make it to midnight.  Our NYE celebration consisted of going to the Zoo Lights until the bb started cryingView full post »

Lucy’s First Six

I finally procured some bare bones video editing software, since I no longer have the time or energy for real programsView full post »

13 months

Did I miss a Monthly Portrait for the first time?  Yes, I did.  The whole family was sick in bed together on the 27thView full post »

Christmas Eve

A Christmas recap, done way after the fact because the holiday turned into barf fest reminiscent of the pie eatingView full post »

Spongelica Visit

Our favorite person came for her once-yearly visit!  And brought her special man, who happens to be the first man sheView full post »


These striped pajamas just charm me.  Thrift store find, a great one.  Doing her daily thing, dragging along her newView full post »

B&W Suspense

Watching Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Jar”, and the woman who is portraying a  low class, white trash,View full post »

Mom & babe

Starting a collection of portraits with her. From Pete’s phone.  Huggy wuggy at the bar in Big Chick’s/View full post »

Two cows

How do you fit two cows in a purse? I have been taught.View full post »

Document it

For the last year, I haven’t printed any photos.  And I have before me, Lucy’s “1st year” photoView full post »


It’s something I’d like to do with her a lot, but… she always gets distracted.View full post »

So Tannenbaum

Just like Three Men and a Baby – there’s a ghost behind the curtain!  Wearing monkey pajama pants.View full post »


We went and saw Pete race at the final cyclocross race of the season, always at Montrose park/ Cricket Hill.  UsuallyView full post »

Daily Nov.

This is what we call a phone dump.  The photos are worth a damn, but they also capture the every day life, so they areView full post »