Spongelica Visit

Our favorite person came for her once-yearly visit!  And brought her special man, who happens to be the first man she has every brought home for us to meet.  Too bad she also brought some kind of virus: ebola? rotavirus?  And she was very ill the whole time, and also contagious (which we didn’t know) and that’s what started the domino effect of 10+ people getting sick. Oy vey!

Prior to the Barf-fest, I took Ang and Sam downtown to the Kristkindle Market at Daley Plaza.  Drizzling and cold and the baby not happy, but lots of cool German stuff to look at.  We had hot ciders and Nurnbergers and other snacks.  Then we stopped by Pete’s office for the view, and of course my luck: low clouds.  No view, couldn’t even see the Sears (Willis) Tower two blocks away. Bummer.

Then we had Friendmas 2011, with Eric, Kris, Shaun, Meeka, Ang and Sam over to our house.  Eric made pepperkaker and I made Glögg as well as vodka infused with steel-cut oats and raw honey.  Yumz.  Many gifts were exchanged, and Lucy received some excellent retro thrift store finds, including a Fisher Price  Little People Hospital and a CPK porcelain doll!  I had never even heard of a porcelain CPK, but there she was, looking like George Washington!  And I regifted-back the gym shoes that Meeka naughtily left up in Michigan.  Good times.

We Skyped with Casey (first time Skyping!) and it was awesome, just like a real family reunion.  He unwrapped our Christmas gift, meaning his gift to Pete and I, and it  was this darling retro bike poster.

This is the little Santa dress from the Original Peanut, aka Reese.  Super cute, but spoiler alert:  it later gets vomited on and subsequently ruined in the washing machine.

The next day I took Ang and Sam out to Montrose Beach and the pier to see the city skyline and take some photos.  Really nice overcast day made for a cool, serene backdrop.

See you next year lady!  Or sooner if you silly fools decide to get married;-)


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