Daily Nov.

This is what we call a phone dump.  The photos are worth a damn, but they also capture the every day life, so they are kind of important.  I also need to determine which cell phone makes the very best photos.  I am thinking none of them.

A display window with a turkey and his veggie friends eating a hunter.

The elevator at the grocery store has mirrored ceilings.  I can see this turning into a ritual…

All the kids in our neighborhood wear uniforms to school.  So morning and afternoon, we see tons of kids like this, walking to and from school.

At the park.

You can see the little tooth in this one.

Big girl in a big cart.

All bundled up for a cold walk.

Stopping for a break to sit in a corner while on a walk. This kid loves to back herself into a corner.  Hmmm.

At Fat Cat for brunch, with the Bloody Mary cart behind her.  As soon as we let her loose, she made a beeline for that.


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