We went and saw Pete race at the final cyclocross race of the season, always at Montrose park/ Cricket Hill.  Usually it is bitter cold and a blizzard, and this was the first year it was plausible to go stand outside for more than an hour. I walked Lucy over in the stroller and we watched from the sidelines. Every guy that went by, she said, “da-da” – because they all kind of look the same with helmets on!   The course was brutal, mud-slicked hills and sand pits, crash after crash.

Always a lot of nice design for the posters.

Lucy on the podium.  At first I had put her on the 2nd place stand, because it was lower and she couldn’t fall off. But the crowd nearby cheered “First place! First place!” so I moved her to the red one – 1st place!  She ate up all the attention of the crowd of athletes lining up, waiting to start, talking to her, and asking, “Where are her thumbs?”!

With dad after the race.  Thrilled to the gills.


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