Lucy’s First Six

I finally procured some bare bones video editing software, since I no longer have the time or energy for real programs like AfterEffects.  I just need to trim the film and add music, that’s it.  Hundreds of videos of Lucy at least, and no practical way to view or share them.  So I got some generic Micr@s@ft Movie Maker Something with the plan to make a montage of the baby’s first year.  But… too many videos, so I barely fit 6 months into one song.  The song was crucial, it’s one of my favorites and Lucy’s and I have to say that the lyrics conversion from the original to a Sesame Street lesson is genius, and the performance on the show was adorable, specifically Chickens Just Back Form The Shore and Penguins That Were By The Door.  I never had much interest in (Leslie) Feist before, but after seeing her on Sesame Street I was awestruck and want to smother her with kisses. I’ll put the link to her performance at the end.  But first… Mah Lil Peenutt:

Lucy’s First Six from Elizabeth R on Vimeo.




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