Halloween 2012

I can sum up our entire Halloween Holiday in one sentence:

We went up on the roof and took a couple pictures.

The End.

These photos are truly a testament to my passionate desire to go all-out for Halloween, against all obstacles.  I mean, you just SEE the desperation.  Look!  We are all dressed up!  Having a great time! Costumes, costumes! Fail.

So… in case it isn’t obv, we are the off-cast of the Wizard of Oz.  Wicked Witch of the West, Pete is the tornado, and Lucy is Dorothy’s house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East.  It was, I thought an adorable idea, with her little feet sticking out with ruby slippers.  I made all of the costumes.  Pete and Lucy are both clearly thrilled.

Despite spending months conceiving of a do-able costume, that would not involve a hat or wig for Lucy, without a constricting outfit, and no makeup, she still hated it.  Despite acclimating her to the costume for days, weeks, letting it sit around the house so she could see it and practice wearing it.  Despite letting her wear her favorite shoes.  She hated it and refused to wear it or participate at all.  Here we are, HOLDING the actual costume in front of her as she stands in regular clothes.  A totally fake and posed Halloween situation.  She didn’t want smooches, that is for sure.

Our plans to go out and meet Colton for trick or treating, never happened.  We just got dressed, took photos, the screaming started, we took the costumes off, and went to bed!  Better luck next year.  There’s no place like home, I guess….


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