We got a little detail added to our bikes:  names of our favorite people.  I chose Lucy, and Pete chose his dad. Hand painted by Bruce Cueno, most talented pinstriper and hand painting sign maker.  We wavered back and forth between the much cheaper option of getting sticker decals made, or the hand lettering, and of course this choice just blows the former out of the water.  It’s so beautiful and extra fun to watch it done. I couldn’t be more pleased with the look of the paint, and even more so with the shape of the letters.  He even filled in the details on my lugs to make them pop.

I’m hoping that someday, when she is tall enough, this will be Lucy’s bike.  I’m hoping she will want it, and maybe it will even become a family heirloom.

Or maybe even THIS bike will be Lucy’s?  The beloved baby blue Steelman.  Hmmm, less likely.  She has already claimed it though, when she reached up and touched the wet paint and left her fingerprints right in the “M”.

These bikes will be making their 2012 maiden voyage this weekend, on Mother’s Day.  Hopefully Lucy decides that she enjoys the bike trailer, because we have a lot of plans for riding this summer!  No more excuses, she is big enough for her helmet now!


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