58 and Not Sunny, but that’s OK

Another glorious January day, supposedly hitting 58 degrees, but honestly it felt a lot warmer than that where we live.  In the 60s, more like it.  From the bottom of my heart, PTL, because it is days like this that truly make the winter here bearable.  I have been silently begging in my mind for years…please.  Just a little break.  Like two days a month, all winter long, please just break the deep freeze.  A little respite, a recharge, a mental jolt from the frozen tundra.  It allows us to see the light at the end of the winter tunnel and remember there really is a thing called Spring.  It is such a psychological lifesaver to have these weather breaks, I could easily tolerate another blizzard and being trapped inside for a week.  Otherwise most winters, it’s just total confinement for weeks or months on end, with a bleak dead world outside.  I’m so grateful this is happening while I am at home with an antsy toddler who really thrives on the outdoors.  The tradeoff is, of course, climate change.  *Sigh*.

Pete Junior Junior?  Got Genes much?  Sheeesh.

FTR… this playground is falling apart, and at the top of this slide, the whole structure sways back and forth and I’m afraid it’s going to collapse.  I see a lot of screws loose and a few of the things are structurally unsound.  Luckily there are rarely children playing here, just crackheads leaving burn marks on the plastic equipment and little dime baggies and cigarette butts floating around everywhere!  I could make a comment about the quality of city playgrounds in rich neighborhoods vs. poor but I won’t bother.

Is that a single tooth on the bottom there??  Well, at 14 months, she finally grew her second tooth and is now the proud owner of TEETH, not TOOTH.This is a water park in the summer.  Or at least, it’s supposed to be, but come to think of it, I am not sure I have ever seen water come out of it?

This is what it looks like when someone takes a hot pipe and taps out the cashed drugs.  It melts into the plastic and kind of creates a little heap of molten cashed crack!  Well, crack, or whatever folks are smoking these days.  These burn marks are all over the playground.

Luckily, this kid isn’t aware of any of this, she just says, “wheeeee!”


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