Four Treats

Halloween Day, and a first time trick-or-treating for one of us.  We went to Roscoe Village, where all the *ahem* “rich, white” people live.  Mainly because that is where Kristin lives, and she threw a kiddie Halloween party with group trick-or-treating afterwards.  I kind of insisted suggested that we all dress up again, because after all, it is a “family costume”, right?  What is a baby reptile without context?  Nothing! Just a little lizard whom people assume is a boy.  We got to see all the big girls in their costumes and then we were off to walk around the neighborhood.  There were tons of families out and most houses were decorated. This is not how all Chicago neighborhoods look on Halloween, but Roscoe Village is kind of the suburbs within the city, as far as it being full of families.

We walked a block over to visit our friend Mark and while we were walking down the street a tree branch ripped my wig off. And I was standing there like Mommie Dearest with a wig cap on, for all the neighbors and kids to see. Then Pete said, “Son, you have a panty on yo head!” Classic! (Quote from Raising Arizona…his fave movie…not mine).  Having my wig get ripped off while I was walking down the street…I can’t even explain how funny I found that to be. That was one of those Lucille Ball moments you wish was captured on video.  In the end, Lucy ended up with four pieces of candy, only because people actively dropped them in her bucket.  I didn’t have the gumption to go up to people’s doors and receive candy on her toothless behalf!



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