Gouda one for me at Handlebar

After visiting City Soles for Bogs, we took Lucy to Handlebar, the restaurant in Wickertown where we went on our first date. It has a cycling theme and is a hangout for the grungy hipster biker types.  The tradition is Pete orders a grilled cheese with tomato and I order the Green Meany, a vegetarian sandwich, with a side of *GOUDA* mac-n-cheese. Here it is:

Lucy hoarding lemons.

Here is the table for 2, where we had our first date, three and a half years ago.It was like serendipity that they had a Stiegl Radler on the menu.Lucy spent the whole time wooing our co-diners: the older gay couple behind us, random awkward young dates, but especially the young, cute married couple next to us, sitting at our original “date” table for 2. At first I thought they were on a date and I was so tempted to lean over and inform them that they were looking at their future, 3 years down the road. Lucy sent them much baby voodoo.

When we got home, Lucy tried on dad’s new rain boots…


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