Pumpkin Patch time

Today we went to Goebbert’s Farm in Barrington, with Lu & Gerry and Britt & Mike.  There was a huge petting zoo, including many exotic animals from Africa.  Lucy was more interested in looking at the other children.  She took several steps toward Gerry, while standing on the picnic table, all to get to an ifone.  Then she took several steps towards me as we were leaving.  We ate apple cider donuts and drank hot cider.

Lucy….meet Lucy Van Pelt.

It’s a joy to drive all over the suburbs in search of diesel, and watch your fuel range tick down, down, down, until finally, the 5th gas station has diesel and you pull in on ZERO. I guess no one uses diesel in the burbs? We don’t have trouble finding it in the city.  In fact, our car dealer called us and asked us if we would be willing to trade in our car, because they have such a high demand of diesel cars they can’t keep up.


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