The Baby Amish Dress is All.

When Lucy was still Cletus the Fetus, we visited rural Pennsylvania for an Amish & Mennonite family reunion and were able to stop into an Amish General Store.  I picked up a traditional outfit, reasoning that even if I had a boy, it would be ok to dress him up for a photo op. It’s probably a better thing that I had a girl.  I have been waiting patiently for her to grow, pulling the outfit out of the bottom drawer periodically to see if it fits her.  Finally… she fits.  And in fact, nearly grew OUT of the dress because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.  I realized it fit her and then also realized it was the middle of winter (cold outside) and also I could not think of anywhere indoors or nearby that could serve as a proper backdrop for the dress.  Concrete, metal, fences… where could I photograph an Amish baby in Chicago?  Then it hit 50 degrees, and 60 degrees in January… and I thought, what about the natural prairie over at Montrose Beach?  So today we went and walked through the prairie preserve in the nice tall grasses and the dead winter trees.  Poor babe is still a little sickly and was not too happy to be out there.  But thankfully she let me get a few photos, or I would have really been kicking myself if she outgrew this outfit and I never got a photo!  And thank goodness for the strangely warm weather, now the blizzards can come.

“Outen the light, mama.”

“It wonders me.”

“I don’t want to plow a field!”

“Am I on the set of an M. Night Shaymalan movie?”

“But I want electricity!”

“There’s cake back yet.”

“Yah, well. My daddy is hurrieder than your daddy.”

This one reminds me of a painting.


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