Fever Pitch

Somebody has a fever.  No illness, just fever, which I am hoping means nothing worse than teething.  We had a bath and when I was doing my hair, I decided to put some of the curl conditioner in her hair that I use.  It was all perfectly curly and adorable.  She took a ridiculously long nap, an hour and a half, and when she woke up she was all out of sorts with lines on her face and severe bedhead.

From tossing and turning, it suddenly sprouted into a massive, voluptuous thicket of HERR. Like a couple of beautiful robin’s wings.

“Hello?  Daddy?  Are you there?”

If I didn’t know better I’d say she just stepped out of a hipster salon on Wicker Park!

This is a fever face, with tired droopy eyes, and the frustrated head rub. We went out on an errand and she carried Dolly the whole time.  She doesn’t know it yet, but we got some special pictures framed for her.  Hint:  Super Grover and Lucy Van Pelt!


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