The *Theory* of Climate Change Evidenced

A 50 degree day in January, that doesn’t seem right.  But it sure was liberating to go out for a walk in January, run around the park for over an hour and actually have to take OFF layers because we were hot! No mittens needed.  Sunny, glorious. I would grow a whole lot fonder of Illinois if I could get occasional weather breaks like this.  Just maybe once a month or so, all winter long.  Gimme a Nell Carter!  As promised, more photos of mom and baby.

Two turntables:

Someone is getting really skilled at the slide.

We went inside the field house to check it out and see some kids in the after school program.  It is completely old school in there, old locker rooms and a gorgeous gymnasium with wood floors.

This is the Christmas tree grave.  Where neighbors are invited to dump their dead trees for public mulching.  Not to be confused with public lynching, unless you are an extreme tree hugger.  It was kind of depressing.

Walking home, she walked really far, and carried her “baby”, until she got so tired she started veering off the path and face planting into the grass.  Then it was BOB time and noonies when we got home.  Crossing fingers… this tired her out and she will sleep tonight!


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